RL360 corporate videos

RL360, a financial life company based on the Isle of Man, invited us to produce 2 videos for them. The first was a corporate video and the aim of the second video was to showcase the benefits of their Isle of Man location. We discussed the initial brief with the client, wrote the script, drew up the storyboard, filmed on the Isle of Man and London, managed background tracks and voiceover artist and then oversaw all the editing as well.


It was great working with RL360. They were open to our ideas, excited to be part of the video and very helpful during the shoot.


These videos turned out to be one of RL360's most popular content ever and have been shared in various campaigns.



– Copywriting

– Storyboard designs

– Video directing

– Filming

– Video editing

– Voiceover and sound

– Post production

This video was about the Isle of Man. The brief was to talk about the island, its political stability and it's many benefits for people investing in Isle of Man life companies.

The above video is their corporate video. It was filmed on the Isle of Man and in London.

We filmed in various locations on the Isle of Man and London and the videos were extremely well received by staff and clients of RL360.