Food photography and rendering

We also love working with food clients like Schweppes, Tofuture or Tofurky, which are one of the biggest vegan meat producers in the world. We offer everything from concept to food styling and food photography –  simple or very high end. We have even created hyper realistic 3D renderings of prototype products. 


We are all about the idea so we carefully consider how and where an image is used. This way the transition from photoshoot to final ad campaign goes smoothly.



– Food styling

– Food photography

– Renderings

– Ad campaigns


3D rendering of an idea

For the celebration of world gin day we were approached to create a custom-made glass for Schweppes. We had quite a challenge ahead of us as the brief came in the form of very rough scribbles and a few texture references. So, we ended up co-developing the final product. Working closely with the client we created a CGI glass with a hand-made feel that had bubbles encased in its body. This was all done in a 3D programme. We then added the Schweppes bottle including photoshopped water droplets next to it. Using stock photography we filled the glass with gin & tonic and lemon slices to emulate a gin and tonic. Finally we added a table and background to round up the composition and visually create a bar atmosphere while still keeping the product shot and glass in the focus.

All elements came separately; from the scribbles we turned into a drawing, to a stock photo image of a glass with ice cubes and lemon slices to en empty Schweppes bottle rendering and a stock photo background. Using these elements we produced a bespoke and realistic looking visual with our expert team.

When sandwiches make history

We are very proud to have been part of Tofurky's sandwich market entry in the UK. Tofurky are normally known as one of the biggest and fastest growing vegan meat producers in the world. Launching in Wholefoods and Planet Organic before entering the big 5 supermarkets, their vegan meat sandwiches are the first of its kind and absolutely tasty. We felt honoured to have photographed the packshots for them (and luckily we also got a bite or two).

57% bought a tofu press online!

Tofuture produces tofu presses. The idea behind Tofuture was born from the realisation that tofu tastes better when pressed. When you reduce the water content using their press the tofu becomes like a sponge absorbing flavours much better. So we came up with a variety of seasonal photographs putting their tofu press front and centre next to delicious tofu dishes for their advertising campaign. One of the magazines running the ads (Vegan Food & Living, Britain's most popular vegan magazine) then performed research to test efficiency of their ads and the results were phenomenal:

Extremely high recognition:

Seen: 53%
Read: 25%
Missed: 22% 

16% of responses listed them as one of the best adverts in the magazine. 

After seeing a print ad, our audience: 

• Researched a product online after seeing a print ad 84%

• Visited an advertiser's website 75%

• Bought a product online 57%

From magazine to tube campaign

After the successful magazine campaign we were also assigned to come up with a campaign that would run on the London tube. We decided instead of just showing the product in front and the food in the background to swap things around and catch people's attention with beautiful food first. The target group were mainly people who didn't know much about tofu so the focus of our campaign was to educate them about how to make delicious tasting tofu and therefore directing them the Tofuture's website.

By bringing the food in the foreground we wanted to create a more subtle yet effective way to reach new customers without being to blatant about promoting the product. This way the customers see the benefit first and the product becomes the enbabler.