Discovery / Eurosport Olympics intro

Discovery and Eurosport are sending a big number of people to the winter Games in South Korea. To get them up to speed on Korean history, culture, and what to expect during their time there, we created 5 clips using a combination of video footage and animation. Each video covers one main topic like social and business etiquette, medical and personal wellbeing, personal health, safety and security and Discovery/Eurosport standards of conduct. We created fun and easy to digest video guides with a total of 15 minutes. For copyright reasons we can only show an edited showreel of the 5 videos. 


The use of animations, actual footage and stock footage resulted in a successful learning tool for Discovery and Eurosport.



– Copywriting support

– Storyboard designs

– Illustrations

– Animation design

– Video editing

– Voiceover and sound

– Post production

The above show reel is a condensed version of the 15 minutes of video we produced for Discover and Eurosport.

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To ensure brand consistency we produced this video using Eurosport's brand guidelines that were specifically created for the winter games. 

The combination of animation and video footage was very effective in showing the do's and don'ts in South Korea and this style was very well received.