Costanza brand overhaul

Costanza is a rapidly growing Italian food company and they are very passionate about all things food and Italian. They approached ERTL Design to completely redesign their branding and packaging. It was important to capture both their Italian heritage and demand for quality, while positioning them as a modern 21st century company. We chose lively colours reflecting the vibrancy of fresh Italian produce and bold typography. 

We reinterpreted their Italian background by staying away from producing something that looks old-fashioned and traditional but showcasing a fresh and modern look and at the same time still sporting a distinct Italian feel.

By completely redesigning their branding and packaging we helped increase sales 6-fold since we started consulting and working with them.


– Brand strategy

– Naming

– Branding

– Packaging

– Ad campaigns

– Website design and programming

– Webshop design and programming

600% sales increase within a year!

We love it when we can help clients achieve such stunning and measureable return of their design investment.

We changed the original name from Frantoio Costanza to a much simpler 'Costanza', which is their family name. This way we tied in the brand with their family which was important to them. The other thing they really wanted to concentrate on was quality and Italian heritage. So we added the tagline 'passione per la qualita' (passion for quality) to become part of the logo. It's easily understood even by non-Italians and was very well received by their customers. We also redesigned their entire olive oil and sunflower range, 16 products in total.

Consistent product shot style

We also made sure that not only the packaging was consistent but the photographic style as well. The summery beauty of the Sicilian landscape (the location of Costanza's olive farm) inspired us to use warm and organic colour tones throughout.

Scenes set in photoshop

At the time when Costanza's owner wanted to start selling the products some of the products hadn't been produced and/or labelled yet. We took photos of the empty bottles, superimposed the labels and added the bottles into a 'natural' surrounding using stock photography only (items on table, the table, the background, leaves floating in from the sides, etc.). Then everything was combined together in photoshop to make it appear like everything was shot in the beautiful Sicilian countryside.

Costanza also hired us to design and build their website, including webshop: Making sure the look and feel stayed consistent we produced a website with animated olive branches that puts the products in the foreground. This website even received several web design nominations.

We always test our websites on various mobile devices to make sure they are easily accessible wherever you are.

To help with the acquisition of new business Costanza's asked us to design a product catalogue, which was translated into various languages. We made sure that this wouldn't just be any catalogue. Every page was carefully layed out with the product shots taking centre stage.