Compass Group illustrations

Food is one of our big passions, so it's always fun to work for the biggest catering company in the world - Compass Group. Over the years we have created a variety of designs from restaurant branding to illustrations and these fun posters are a tiny overview of what we produced for them. These posters were used to communicate seasonality in their restaurants. Due to Compass Group's size and changing menus in their many different locations we chose an illustration style because it was a fun way of getting the message accross without having to be too specific about certain ingredients and menus.



– Illustrations

– Copywriting

– Artwork

This poster was used in a campaign accross all Compass Group outlets in the UK to promote British provenance.

ESS, which is part of Compass Group, always tries to keep things fresh by often changing their menu. ERTL Design was assigned to create different posters showcasing themed dishes and to encourage people to try them.

It was such a great challenge to promote different dishes and we sometimes even got curried away with the task at hand.